Three Exciting and Challenging Party Games for Children

Published: 19th March 2012
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Enjoyable and also tricky party games for kids include the following: eating games, mind games, and physical games.

It's vital to have games throughout children's parties. Nonetheless, most of the games during these parties are very popular. To help make the party you're planning exciting and fun, you should incorporate challenging games to your own birthday party ideas. Read this article to learn a few exciting and challenging party games for kids.

Eating games

*Lemon wedges

Get ready a few lemon wedges and take away their seeds. Then, provide each person with one lemon wedge and instruct them to put the wedges to their mouths and eat the lemon right after the "go" signal, leaving just the peel. The first one to consume the total lemon wedge and leave behind a thoroughly clean peel is the champion of this specific game.

*Gelatin jiggles

Another tough game requires consuming gelatin jiggles. Just prepare personalized trays or perhaps containers for gelatin. If you don't have individualized gelatin containers, you may also use ice trays from your refrigerator. Then, buy any color of gelatin and ready them according to the directions written on their packaging material. Make as many as you think is necessary for the game. Once the gelatins are ready, instruct the players of the game which whoever consumes the most gelatins will win the overall game. You can also give a time limit for this particular game, if you wish to.

*Gummy treats

In this particular game, you will require paper plates which are covered with aluminum foil, a good amount of whipped cream, and also a quantity of gummy treats. Prepare the paper plates according to the quantity of participants of the game, and distribute gummy treats on each plate. Then, load the plates with whipped cream, ensuring the gummy treats are coated well. The gamer or the kid who could dig out the most quantity of gummy treats coming from the whipped cream using his mouth is the champion of this game.

Mind games

*Locate the grapes

Games that involve the mind are also very challenging. For this specific game, you will have to get ready a great deal of spaghetti noodles, like approximately a bucket full of them. Get ready three or four boxes of pasta noodles based on the directions on the container. Be sure you mix in a small amount of cooking oil while you boil the noodles, so that they will not adhere to one another. When they're done, remove them from the water and let them cool. Then, place these noodles in a clean bucket and mix in the grapes. The players are blindfolded and instructed to find as many grapes as they could inside the bucket. The one with the most fruit after a specific time is the champion of the game.

Physical games

*Staring competition

Most people are already knowledgeable about this specific game. Within this game, participants are just asked to look at one another without flashing their own eyes. The child who could stare at his foe the longest without blinking his eyes is the winner of the game.

*Balancing tournament

In this particular game, you must have balancing boards whereby the players will stand on them and try to stay on them for as long as they could. The individual who can stay on the board the longest prior to falling off is the winner.

You may also add a twist to these games by incorporating raisins and gummy worms that look like real flies or worms, so that the kids are more challenged to eat.


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