Three Basic Tips to Unfreeze Your Cellular Phone

Published: 27th June 2012
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Tips to unfreeze your phone include doing a soft reset, trying a tough reset, and removing some of the information of your phone.

Mobile phones help keep our loved ones stay connected to us no matter what distance, and also allow us to be available anytime and anywhere. Nevertheless, that privilege is taken away when our mobile phone freezes and does not anymore follow any of our commands. Before you start thinking about upgrading it, there are easy points you can perform to unfreeze your phone.

Conduct a gentle reset

* Find the reset key

A gentle reset will power down the cellphone, and then reset the unit completely. Programs, as well as software, will not be deleted in your cell phone's memory; nevertheless, those that were not saved will be erased. Simply do this approach by finding the reset key first. Usually, it's found somewhere on the outer shell of your cell phone.

* Press the reset key

You'll find that the reset button on the side of your cellphone is quite small; thus, you will need a small object, such as the tip of a paper clip or perhaps a pin, to press this key.

* Let the phone restart

Normally, pressing the reset key solves several mobile phone problems, particularly freezing problems. At that time, your phone should have no difficulty in rebooting. All you have to do now is to wait for the mobile phone to reboot.

Attempt a hard reset

* Make a data backup

If the freezing problem of your cellphone is not resolved with the soft reset method, then you must try performing a hard reset. Executing a hard reset, though, will delete all the files and applications you have set up and downloaded into your cellphone. Hence, before you conduct this specific technique, make sure you have a backup of your data, particularly the vital ones. This kind of technique will reset all of the settings of your mobile phone to its initial form.

* Refer to your mobile phone's manual

Every brand and label of mobile phones has its own specific guidelines on how to do a hard reset. Get the handbook of your cellphone for iphone help to check out the actual instruction on the way to execute a hard reset. When you've discovered how to get it done, reset your cellular phone based on the directions.

* Let the phone reboot

Just let your cellphone reboot and reinstall the factory software and the settings of the cellphone. Since a hard reset will take away all of the phone's previous data and then re-install new software program copies, this will take a couple of minutes to finish.

Eliminate some of the information of your mobile phone

Improve the performance of your cellphone and keep it from freezing by eliminating some of the programs in it, especially those which you never utilize. Having many applications is one of the popular causes for a mobile phone to freeze. If your mobile phone comes with customized ringtones or wallpapers, you need to consider taking away these if you aren't using them. Additionally, create a regular update of your cellphone's music library, so you can cut those extra data which are causing your mobile phone to slow down. And finally, never let cellphone programs operate if you're currently not utilizing them. Many times, too many applications can cause your mobile phone to shut down or freeze.

It is important that you make a backup of your data before you perform any reset action.


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