Three Amazing 80th Birthday Celebration Suggestions for Your Mom

Published: 08th December 2011
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To have a great celebration for your own mother's 80th birthday you should come up with ideas for the theme and ornaments, activities, and food and drinks.

Your mom turning eighty years old is a huge milestone which needs a great celebration. As well as other 80th birthday gift ideas for mom, you can organize a party that's way better compared to previous 79 birthday parties she's had. Call all your siblings to help with the plan and also budget for the expenses. Before starting, though, you need to check out this article to help you in preparing for your mother's party.

Theme and decorations

Make a great theme for your mother's birthday celebration and select what type you would like to have. You might want to choose one which concerns her life, since 80 years is pretty a long and also substantial life to have lived. Purchase colourful balloons having the number 80 on them and have a few placed on her couch. Put many over the mailbox outside as well, hence guests can easily find the house where the occasion will be held. Locate and utilize paper mugs and also plates intended for the occasion which carries that concept, too, and get a picture of your mother within a frame set in the middle of the table.


To continue with the occasion concept about her everyday life, have everyone in her life, including your dad, her siblings, kids, grandkids, great-grandchildren, and close friends, attend the celebration and express a few lines regarding your mom. Have every person hide behind a curtain and allow your mom try to speculate who is speaking behind it. You can even locate and use a trivia board through the period when your mother was born, and request everyone to be part of the game as it's being performed. Every person will truly have fun talking and reminiscing concerning the past. Furthermore, you may exhibit a slideshow of your mom's old photos at the event. Scan old images of your mother, upload them to your computer, and display them by using Ms powerpoint or other similar program you may have. Have songs played at her occasion too, selecting tunes that were popular from when your mom was still young. If your mother and also her close friends are still up for it, use a dance floor and let them all boogie to the songs.

Drinks and food

Offer food at the party which was well-known in the time your mother was growing up. Maybe you can include a few of your own grandmother's recipes that your mother loves. Then serve other dishes which are favorites of your mom and her loved ones. Have a cake that also continues the concept. You could have one which has a digitally printed and edible photograph of a well known celebrity from the time your mommy was born put on her cake. Just request this from your catering company. Fill up this cake with a "Happy 80th Birthday, Mom" sign of course. Meanwhile, serve refreshments, like punch or any of your mom's favorite drinks, at the party.

Plan your party with concern for your mother's age as well as health condition. You might like to confirm in advance with your mom if she is up for a large celebration. In addition to that, plan the party to be held in the early or middle part of the day so she and her guests of a similar age will still have plenty of energy to enjoy the festivities.

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If you wish to get more 80th birthday gift ideas for mom, kindly visit

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