Three Alternatives To Paper Shredder

Published: 09th February 2012
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Alternatives to paper shredders include the following: creating a new piece of paper, reusing the paper, and burning the paper.

Identity theft is a big problem because of the rising capability of thieves to obtain vital data from unwary victims. Thus, many individuals have been purchasing paper shredding machines for home and office use. However, you don't have to purchase these pricey devices because there are other options for keeping your information protected, and which are just as effective, too. Read this article to know some paper shredder substitutes.

Make a new piece of paper

Ditch the paper shredding machine but safeguard yourself from identity theft all the same by making a new piece of paper out of your old bills and other papers that have your important information. In order to do this, begin by cutting the piece of paper into small squares, approximately an inch in size. Then, dip these pieces of paper in warm water for a few hours, or even overnight. After which, prepare your blender and fill one-half of it with lukewarm water. Next, pour in the drenched pieces of paper into the food processor or blender and turn the blender on. Do not forget to close the lid so that you do not splatter tiny pieces of soaked paper all over the area. Blend it until the texture of the paper has turned pulpy, or slurry. Then, pour the pulp into a large basin and fill it with water, just enough to let the pulp scatter well. Next, get or create a frame from an old and unused picture frame and cover this securely with a nylon stocking. Slide this frame onto the container and fill it with the pulpy material. Take the frame out of the basin with the pulp in it and let it dry. You may also adorn your paper with tiny flower petals or leaves by mixing these with the mush.

Reuse the paper

You can simply recycle the old pieces of paper that are no longer important. There are a number of ways that you can reuse paper. For one thing, you can turn them into notepads that you can put next to the telephone to write down important messages. You can utilize them to jot down your grocery list. The uses are endless. To do this, first you need to cut away any important information, such as your social security number, bank account number, as well as other important information about you. Carefully destroy these tiny pieces of paper that you cut away that have your information. Next, cut the remaining part of the pieces of paper into the size that you want. Just ensure that you cut the pieces of paper into the same dimension for each purpose, so they will look orderly as you stack them together. Then, staple or put a paper fastener on top of them so that they all stay neatly together.

Burn the pieces of paper

You can also simply burn the scraps of paper you no longer need that have important data. During cold season, not only will you be able to keep warm beside a small fire, but you will also be effectively destroying pieces of paper and safeguarding yourself from identity theft. Keep in mind, though, that scraps of paper burn very quickly, and if you're not careful, you could injure yourself. Just make a tiny fire and feed the fire one piece of paper at a time so it will be very easy for you to control the flame until all the pieces of paper are gone.

With just a little imagination and determination, we can continue to keep our family and ourselves protected from identity thieves without buying costly devices. Sometimes, we can even help save our planet by recycling some of our old and unused materials at home.


Written by Patricia Strasser. If you want to find out more about paper shredding, please visit

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