Five Unique Themes for More Remarkable 75th Birthday Celebrations

Published: 03rd January 2012
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Exciting 75th birthday theme events include platinum or perhaps silver theme occasion, vintage theme, entertainment theme, "the road taken" theme, and also ancient theme.

A 75th birthday celebration is a really important milestone in human being's life. Remembering it with beloved relatives and buddies helps make the day really memorable and special. Here are a few interesting 75th birthday party ideas as well as themes that could make the b-day celebrant's day filled with his cherished family and friends, and of course all of the fun the party would bring:

Platinum or perhaps silver theme party

75th get-togethers are generally linked to platinum or perhaps silver celebrations. If you are planning to hold a formal 75th birthday celebration for somebody special, this could make a perfect theme. Design your party invites in silver designs, your platform adornments and also dining sets in silver colors, your cake having silver embellishments, along with your party favors in silver or platinum styles. You can utilize other fitting colours to match your theme, such as white, gold, or black. Have the guests arrive in elegant outfit and you'll have a superbly elegant and also unforgettable 75th birthday bash.

Vintage theme

You might also have a traditional style for your beloved one's 75th special birthday. Use the favourite colour of the celebrant as your theme if you believe it amuses him the most. You might choose to make it as a surprise birthday celebration by making preparations with loved ones and good friends. Ask them to get ready little surprises, particularly with little ones, to make his birthday celebration more sentimental and also memorable. These include song numbers, dance numbers, surprise presents, and more.

Entertainment theme

This specific interesting theme will truly delight the celebrant by returning the great old memories. With the entertainment theme, you can show frames and also posters of the birthday celebrant's favourite movies, song performers, music groups, along with his favorite celebrities as well as performers. Make it more fun by playing his favourite classics during the entire occasion. You might even invite some special entertainers to act out scenarios from his favorite films and also theater plays or entertainers to sing out his favourite music of the past. Certainly this day would be one of the most happy and most unforgettable days for the 75th birthday guy.

"The road taken" concept

One more fascinating style for a 75th birthday celebration will be "the street taken" concept. The occasion will help the celebrant joyfully reminisce the areas where he resided through many years, where he found his long term spouse, the areas he's traveled, his favorite vacation destinations, and more. All these can be portrayed in a scrapbook, by using a slide show, video clip collection, and possibly by means of some photos framed on every dining table.

Ancient style

Lastly, for a more special and also enjoyable occasion, you can develop a medieval styled occasion. Adorn the place in a middle ages setting and make the party more enjoyable by asking guests to be in medieval attires. The one aided by the finest outfit wins a reward. Have the celebrant in his favourite medieval attire too. This will surely be a memorable day to keep in mind.

Any of these birthday party styles will truly delight everybody, most importantly the celebrant. Nevertheless, you need to think about the age of the celebrant, as well as other visitors who may have limits with regards to food as well as special effects in the venue. As much as possible, choose healthy dishes for the menu and avoid special effects that may not be suitable for all ages, such as bright flashing lights and smoke effects.


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