8 Useful Items that Keep Rugs from Slipping on Wood Floors

Published: 15th January 2010
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To keep your rugs fix and stable on wood floors, you can use the following to prevent slippage namely: non-slip pad, rug underlay pads, rug grips, latex rug gripper, Super stop rug grip, Duo lock rug grip, reversible nonslip area rug grip, and Wonder grip rug pad.

Placing rugs on the floor is one way of decorating your home since there are lots of innovative designs available. However, rug slippage is one problem homeowners faces. This should not be a cause of worry since there are many stoppers available such as:

Non-slip pad

These pads are especially made to keep the rugs in place by holding firmly on any surface. To avoid odor accumulation as well as pest proliferation, these rugs are treated to make it more ideal for home use. It comes in various sizes where you can find a perfect match for the size of you rug. This pad is not only for rugs, but also ideal to be placed under the chair, telephone, cabinet, and the likes.

Rug underlay pads

To extend the lifespan of your rugs at the same time prevent it from slipping on floors, rug underlay pads are for you. They make vacuuming possible because it maintains regular flow of air. There are several types of underlay pads created according to use namely: rug cushion, rug pad, non-skid pad, rug liner, and rug mat.

Rug grips

Rug grips are special kind of adhesives that don't cause stickiness on the floor. It can be easily removed especially when applied on wood, linoleum, and tile flooring.

Latex rug gripper

An odorless, water-based dry adhesive made from latex is a perfect stopper for rugs. It can be applied on all types of surfaces, which can be cut into your preferred sizes. Since it is naturally made, it is safe to use even in the presence of children because it is non-toxic. For only $12, they provide a money-back guarantee in case you find the product unsatisfactory.

Super stop rug grip

This type of rug grip is best when used on hardwood floors. It is made of PVC coated vinyl, which is suitable for woven rugs. You may also choose from their wide range of colors and sizes.

Duo lock rug grip

If you want an extra thickness at the same time stable rug, Duo lock grip is a perfect choice for you. This is intended for fine rugs to give extra padding while, keeping it less movable. Prices may vary according to the size of the rug as well as availability of color.

Reversible nonslip area rug grip

Made of synthetic fiber and rubber, this is a dual-sided reversible nonslip rug grip. The latex surface fixes well on wooden surface while, the polypropylene anchors well on carpeted floor. The smallest size, which is 2 x 4 feet costs $29 while, the biggest is worth $269 at a size of 10 x 14 feet.

Wonder grip rug pad

A rug pad that can be hand-washed is made from polyester fabric with latex foam and water-based adhesive. This is a solid pad that is stain-free and does not leave sticky feeling when removed. You don't have to worry because it does not cause discoloration when washed. Sizes and shapes can be customized by cutting into desired measurements. It is guaranteed to be effective and functional up to 10 years time.


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