7 Simple Tips For A Fantastic Short Hair Style

Published: 20th January 2012
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Some pointers for a wonderful short hairstyle include the following: coloring your hair, freshening up your own hairstyle, washing your hair, putting on hair accessories, making your hair sleek, having a retro hairstyle, and creating a fake updo.

Many women are afraid to have a short hairstyle for fear that they'll not really know how to handle it. Although, longer hair styles can offer lots of hair styling options, short hairstyles also provide the same number of options. Females just need to know how to look good in these styles.

Color hair

Weeks before a special day you are planning to attend, give hair colorist's salon a call for a hair color treatment. Adding highlights and also lowlights to your hair won't just make the color appear natural, but they will also provide dimension to it. Nevertheless, stick to having only some highlights and/or lowlights added. In case you have too many, you will just turn out having a funky or perhaps interesting appearance to your hair. If you wish to make a major change to your hair color, do it early enough prior to the special event that you still have time to fix or perhaps change it if you don't like it. A beautiful hair color treatment could also be used as one of many amazing 60th birthday ideas intended for yourself.

Renew your hair style

Short hairstyles are said to have a lively and also sassy look to them. This enables you to offer a light-hearted component to the occasion, as well as create a clear statement about your personality. The downside to a short hairstyle is that you may need to have your hair trimmed more frequently when compared with a longer hair style.

Clean your hair

Normally, you would plan to clean your hair prior to the big event. You can have your hair cleaned the day before the big event so that any hair styling you want on will be easier to do. Only use a regular shampoo and give your hair a great cleaning and rinsing. If you ever find your hair oily just as you are about to style it, you can put a little baby powder on the hair to soak up the grease. Make sure that there's no obvious powder left on your hair before you leave your house.

Put on hair accessories

A short hair style will also appear more fascinating with accessories. If you are participating in a celebration, look for a flower and pin it behind your ear, or if it is a marriage ceremony you are attending, a tiara would also look lovely.

Make your hair sleek

As you may have noticed, numerous female celebrities who are donning short hairstyles use lots of hair product to make their hair look wet and slick. This style emphasizes the face area instead of a complicated and humongous hair style that can often be too overpowering. A wet and slick hairstyle will surely make you appear classy, audacious, and complex.

Have a vintage hairstyle

Short hairstyles were the greatest thing in hair trend several years ago and when dresses were also worn by ladies on a daily basis. Make finger waves with the help of a comb, a great hair styling product, and a little bit of patience. You'll definitely be the focus at the event with your short old style hair do.

Make a false updo

Work on your hair to make it seem that you've an updo. Try this by ratting hair at the back. Curls and lots of volume in the hair are the standard for every big special hairstyle.

Allow yourself enough time for preparation, for your hair and other aspects of your look, prior to the big event. You don't want to end up doing all the preparations in a rush, which may mean looking less than your best during the event.


Written by Patricia Strasser. If you'd like to find additional 60th birthday ideas, click on http://www.lifeonrecord.com/Unique/Birthday/Idea/60th/Unique-60th-Birthday-Idea.htm

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