6 Smart Groomsmen Gift Ideas for Your Brother

Published: 22nd December 2009
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Cool groomsmen gifts ideas for your brother include: bar accessories, pocket watches and clocks, cuff links, money clips, leather gifts, and pocket tools.

Just like in any occasion, preparing the right gifts require second thoughts. However, finding a gift for your groomsman brother can't be that difficult. He may appreciate the following gifts just like any other groomsmen.

Bar accessories

Get him a shot glass with a logo of his favorite sports team, or a specialized mug with his name on it. Have it personalized. Whenever he uses that item, he would surely remember this special occasion. The mugs and the shot glass can also make a cute shelf ornament. These are collectible items tat may be worth something more in the years to come.

Pocket watches and clocks

Give him a clock or a pocket watch he can always rely on for keeping track of important dates or appointments. Clocks can also make decorative items in his office desk. Pocket clocks can also add a dashing and executive appearance when worn with his formal or business attire.

Cuff links

Cuff links add elegance to your groomsman's wardrobe. Get him a cool, personalized cuff link that would make him look more striking in his formal attire. You can have his name or initials engraved, or you choose a clever design like a wheel or a sport-inspired design. By using the cuff links, he would remember your special day every chance he wears it.

Money clips

Money clips make a clever way of keeping money if your groomsman don't feel like carrying a wallet. Give your brother a personalized money clip he can use in fashion. You can choose from many varieties like the metal money clips made sterling sterling, the carbon fiber money clips, the magnetic money clip, or the rubber band money clip. It's a nice gift that would complement your brother's fashion sense and personality.

Leather gifts

Choose from a variety of leather-made gifts for your groomsman. A leather journal can be handy item for his office. You can also give him a leather business card case he can use for keeping cards and other vouchers in dealing with clients.

Knives and pocket tools

A handy multipurpose tool he can always rely anytime and anywhere for simple repairs or procedures like opening bottles or filing his nails. It can also make a cute and smart accessory.

To find a more suitable gift, it's always best to know his interests. That way, you can easily find the right token that he will surely appreciate and enjoy.


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