5 Various Types of Wood Storage Sheds

Published: 28th March 2012
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Various forms of wood sheds include lean-to shed, gable shed, hip shed, saltbox shed, and gambrel shed.

When a family grows bigger and more house items are purchased over time, it is just expected that your house will get more crowded. This is where wood storage sheds come in to store all those other household items instead of keeping them inside your house all the time. As a result, you will acquire more area inside your own house for you and also your family to move around.

Lean-to shed

A lean-to shed, as what its own name signifies, is a shed which attaches or leans itself to the garage, the side of the home, or any existing structure for assistance rather than constructed as a separate building. This kind of wood shed is very simple to create, and it's used to store items that only need minimal protection from environmental elements, including firewood, gardening tools, and also building supplies. Many lean-to wood sheds are open-ended. Nevertheless, there are some storage sheds of this kind in which a door is mounted on one end, making the shed fully enclosed. One part of a lean-to wood shed is often the present outside wall of another building, like a house, while the rest of the shed's sides is open to allow easy accessibility of the materials stored in the shed. This kind of shed also has a sloping roof structure, wherein the higher part begins from the side in which the shed attaches to the other building, and the lower part is on the reverse wall.

Gable shed

Gable sheds are one of the simplest wood sheds to produce. The shed has a roof that looks like a triangle if viewed from two of its sides. The roof is made of two halves hooked up together on a raised center, so making 2 sloping sides. These sloping sides are especially helpful when it comes to draining water from the roof structure.

Hip shed

A good hip shed looks like a gable shed; nonetheless, rather than just two sloping planes of the roofing, there are 4. These 4 sloping planes help make the hip shed look like a pyramid sitting on top of a building.

Saltbox shed

A good saltbox shed is also similar to a gable shed wherein the 2 halves of the roof are attached to one another on a raised center. The main difference with this shed in comparison to that of the gable shed is that one part of the roof, the front side, is shorter and also steeper compared to other part. The back portion of the roof is longer and positioned in a more sloping fashion. Since the front side of the shed is intended to have 2 stories and the back area delivers only one, this shed is more complex to build than the other types.

Gambrel shed

The gambrel shed is yet another improved type of the traditional gable shed. In a gambrel shed, the roofing is pitched just like that of a gable shed; nonetheless, instead of two sloping planes on the roof, there's another lengthy plane on both sides. So, when viewed from the side, the roof would appear like one half of an octagon. This shed is more difficult to construct than the gable shed, but it can supply more storage and headspace.

Because building a shed can cost quite an amount of money, you need to determine your needs well and base your storage shed on those needs.


Written by Patricia Strasser. Discover more about wood sheds by visiting http://www.socalsheds.com/

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