5 Steps to Creating a Personalized Word Search Puzzle That Has Answer Key

Published: 02nd May 2012
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Ways to making a personalized word search puzzle with answer key include visiting the "Make Your Personal Word Search" site, putting information for the puzzle, customizing your puzzle, choosing particular features, and completing your puzzle.

Word search puzzles are exciting and also entertaining games that can be enjoyed by all ages. They can be utilized for academic purposes, to entertain your kids and keep them occupied, while you are trying to pass the time, or even at events. Depending on the difficulty degree and size of the puzzle, there are times that you could truly utilize some help from an answer key, just like some people would do with a Scrabble Word Finder for their own scrabble games. Luckily you can make your own word search puzzle that has answer key.

Visit "Make Your Own Word Search" website

On the site of 'Make Your Own Word Search." there is a puzzle grid where you can place only 54 words. The grid is comprised of 3 columns with eighteen boxes inside each one. While you can put as many as fifty four words, you must have a minimum of fifteen of these words for your grid.

Place information for the puzzle

Inside the suitable box underneath the grid, put the title of your puzzle game. There are also boxes for your identify and for a brief description of your own puzzle which you may or may not fill in accordance with your own personal desire.

Customize your puzzle

On the box for the puzzle's colour, select among 15 unique colors. There's also a box for the color of the background where you can choose the color which you like. However, you may also choose to stick with the default colours, that's white for the background and red for the letters. Then, select the font sizes for the puzzle grid as well as the word list. If you want to alter the style of the font from "nothing unique" to something in particular, you may also do so by going through the number of options. Next, enter the size of the PDF page and the PDF font style according to the size of your paper and your personal desires. You also have a choice if you want all the letters to be in uppercase, lowercase, or how you've the words inserted.

Select certain features

Identify and key in the number of rows and columns which you want the puzzle to have, along with the directions for the words just like forward/backward and up/down only, reverse or diagonal directions only, or let the terms go in all directions. After those choices, there are check boxes that you can choose for certain specific characteristics that include sort word list, terms at the bottom of the page, number of columns for the words at the page's bottom, grid lines, missing vowel, grid coordinates on the puzzle, and also mathematics equation.

Finish your puzzle

Once you've chosen the specific details and features of your own puzzle game, you might want to review them to be sure that they match what you want. Then, at the end of the page you will see a button with the words "Make Puzzle," which you'll click so you can proceed to the next phase and page. You will then see what your completed puzzle appears like. Look for the "Printable PDF" and click on it to print out the puzzle. Print your answer key, as well, by clicking on "Answer key PDF."

If you are creating a puzzle for kids, just make sure that the words and difficulty level are appropriate for the children's ages.


Written by Patricia Strasser. You can learn more about Scrabble Word Finder by visiting http://www.anagrammer.com

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