5 Games For A 65th Birthday

Published: 22nd November 2011
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There is truly no reason why a 65th birthday celebration must be subtle or demure. To be able to spice things up and liven the atmosphere for a 65th birthday celebration, here are several game ideas which will intrigue your guests, both old and young.

Ice breakers

The majority of 65th birthday party ideas get started with an ice breaker to have the guests warmed up. This is especially valuable if your guest list contains individuals who aren't really familiar with each other. The choice of ice breaker is quite much reliant on the personalities of your guests. There are lots to select, from simple get to know each other quizzes to games that will be more challenging. One such game requires giving every visitor a necklace or lei and making the objective of the game to collect as many necklaces as possible. In order to do this, everyone has to go around requesting each other questions to which the response is "no." An example of this type of question will be " Do you teach elementary school?" to which the individual is pressured to say "no." This is an excellent game for individuals to indicate how much they find out about each other.

Scavenger hunts

Treasure hunts and also scavenger hunts are usually enjoyable. To do this, you'll need to separate individuals into groups and give each a list of things that they should collect. You could include a fun twist by including bonus things in the list or rare items. Setting up a time limit to the game will be even more difficult and motivate individuals to work better in groups.


The easiest method to understand how much someone knows about something or someone is to have a trivia quiz. You could perform this on an individual basis, or separate individuals into groups before requesting them to answer a set of questions about the bday guy. This can include questions including how she or he met his or her partner, or a story about some humorous, sentimental or special moment. Just remember that the more innovative your questions, the more fun individuals are going to have.

Children's games

At times mom and dad need to bring along their children for the party and in order to make sure they're entertained, as the host it is a great way to come up with games for them. Examples of games you may want to try include simple games including "House of Cards" that involves making a tower made out of cards, or "Pin the tail on the Donkey," that would require hours of entertainment, and keep the kids entertained. Involve the entire family and bring in the adults for some fun filled hours before you all take a seat for the bday meal.

Creative games

A little bit of creativity goes further in terms of organizing birthday celebrations. You should not limit yourself to the traditional games out there and instead try to think outside the box. For instance, you might play a game that requires participants to embellish a cake, or color a costume, anything at all to release the creativeness of your attendees.

The sky is the restriction with regards to making games for birthday celebrations. No matter how sedate the occasion may be, a game or two will do wonders to liven up the mood of any party.


Written by Patricia Strasser. For additional 65th birthday party ideas, pay a visit to http://www.lifeonrecord.com/Meaningful/Birthday/Gift/65th/Meaningful-65th-Birthday-Gift.htm

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