5 Easy Steps in Making Diaper Cakes for Your Baby Shower Gifts.

Published: 23rd February 2010
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You can make a diaper by cake by preparing the necessary baby items, assembling the first layer, adding the second layer, finishing the third layer, and garnishing the diaper with additional baby items.

Diaper cakes are useful gift items for baby shower parties. Assembling diapers, baby bottles, and other items for infants into an attractive cake is an essential and creative gift any expecting mother could have. Diaper cakes are also very easy to make by following the easy steps below:

Preparing the necessary baby items

The things that you need in making a diaper cake are any infant items. It includes diapers, towels, receiving blankets, pacifiers, feeding bottles, baby lotions or shampoos, rattles and other baby toys. Also prepare rubber bands, ribbons, confetti, card board, any other decorative items that can be found in a craft store.

Assembling the first layer

Roll the diapers or towels tightly showing the decorative prints on the outside. Hold it with a rubber band. Place these rolled diapers or towels around a baby lotion or feeding bottle in the center. This will serve as the cake's inner ring. Hold the whole items together with a large rubber band. Do the same process in adding the second ring until you will reach your desired size. This is will serve as your diaper cake's base layer. Hide all rubber bands by adding the decorative ribbons once the desired base layer is achieved.

Adding the second layer

The size of the second layer should be smaller than the base layer. Make the second layer by following the same process done in the first layer. Roll the diapers around the remaining part of the baby lotion or feeding bottle that is used as a center in the base layer. Also add all the decorative ribbons and materials that you like.

Finishing the third layer

Use a smaller feeding bottle as the center of the third and last layer. Follow the same process in rolling the diapers and place it around the small feeding bottle. Decorate the last layer with wide ribbons and smaller one for each diapers. Just make sure that no rubber bands are visible after adding all the necessary decorative ribbons. Place the last layer on top of the whole cake diaper.

Garnishing the diaper with additional baby items

Add any items such as pacifier or confetti to decorate the cake better. You could also add small baby toys such as rattles or stuffed toys. This will serve as the miniature figurines that can also be found in the real cake. Place the finished diaper cake above a card board base or cake platter.

You can let your creativity and imagination run while creating the most colorful and attractive diaper cake.


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