5 Clever Ways to Waterproof Your Laptop for Better Protection

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Published: 30th November 2010
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Because of the money you have invested purchasing one and also because of the files stored on it, your laptop is worth protecting. If your hobbies include activities that will take you near water then you should definitely consider waterproofing your equipment. The following techniques will help protect your computer laptop from the environment:

Go buy a waterproof case for your laptop

When strolling, traveling, or hiking, keep your laptop safe from rain and drizzles by using a waterproof case. No matter what your budget or your needs there is most likely a model for you. You can even find submersible laptop cases that are just right for use in the military.

A neoprene sleeve is a great way to keep your laptop from being damaged

Neoprene is a soft, flexible, durable, water-resistant material used to make wetsuits and now as laptop sleeves to protect your computer from getting wet and scratched. You can purchase one from retail and computer stores to suit your needs and preferences. Fashion a cool laptop case out of your old wetsuit. It just as easy has having the proper measurements and basic sewing skills. When using a waterproof case for your laptop, it is important that the sleeve fits snugly. This will insure that your laptop is well-protected.

Make your own waterproof laptop sleeve using Tyvek envelopes

Bring out your resourcefulness and grab some Tyvek mailing envelopes used by couriers to make a waterproof laptop sleeve. If your laptop is larger, you may have to use more waterproof and durable envelopes.

You can use a keyboard cover to protect your laptop from spills

As accidents happen, it is a good idea to protect your computer by purchasing a keyboard cover to protect the machine. These covers come in silicone or plastic materials that will protect the keyboard from accidental spills. Pick the correct sized cover or it may not adequately guard against accidental spills.

To prevent water from leaking in, both skins and screen protectors can be utilized

Some additional ideas to secure your laptop computer from those unwanted drips and liquids include utilizing a screen protector and laptop skin in order to stop any water from getting in. With screen protectors, you will be able to protect your screen and avoid glare when outdoors. You can prevent further damage to your computer from water or other environmental conditions by using laptop skins which can be affixed to the top and bottom of your machine. Just make sure the bottom of your laptop is not completely covered with skin to give way for ventilation and avoid overheating your computer.

A smart tip is to always find accessories that fit your laptop to waterproof it well. Keeping all liquids, including drinks, on another table and away from your computer will help prevent further damage. When traveling, always waterproof your laptop because you never know what you will run into. The person sitting beside you on a plan might accidentally spill a drink and a sunny day can turn into a rainy day without notice. Waterproofing your laptop gives you extra peace of mind against damage and the loss of important data.


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