4 Excellent 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Parents

Published: 06th June 2012
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Wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents include a silver picture frame, a video of memories, a vacation trip, and a family picture.

25th wedding anniversaries are one of the key milestones in marriage. Because this event is very special, you would also want to give a gift which is just as valuable. There are several great silver wedding anniversary gifts to choose from. They include store-bought products which you can customize, or ones which you can create.

Silver photo frame

Picture frames make for a thoughtful and wonderful wedding anniversary gift item. They are traditional gift items which can actually be used and placed in any part of the house. The couple has the choice of putting their wedding day photograph in it, or their new photo during the renewal of their wedding vows. Their other choice would be to put a photo that now includes their kids after twenty five years of being together. These frames have a variety of choices concerning their sizes and shapes, such as hearts, oval, or rectangles. You can also add a personal touch to the photo frame by having your parent's names and also the date of their wedding ceremony engraved on the frame.

Video of memories

You may also develop a wonderful silver wedding anniversary gift by making a video of reminiscences. You can either hire a professional to produce the video, or you can just do it by yourself. You simply need to have a video camera and editing software program in your personal computer. Along with your siblings, compile old video clips of fun moments with the family and specific memorable family photographs in a DVD. Then, take turns in creating personal dedications to your parents, as well as citing every one's favorite memory which involved the whole family to pay tribute to this very special event. This kind of gift brings a great degree of meaning and sentimental value which will make the celebration even more valuable to the entire family.

Holiday trip

One of the best 25th anniversary gifts for parents that you can give is a holiday trip. Although it can be really costly, but a holiday trip to the best destination would be truly fantastic. You can either shoulder all the expenditures of the trip, if you can afford it; or, you can share it with all your siblings. Decide among your brothers and sisters the ideal place to send your parents, like a very beautiful Caribbean cruise trip or to a destination that already holds special reminiscences, including their honeymoon getaway. And although surprising your parents with the trip will be really tempting, it's much more practical and safe if you let them know about the trip one month in advance. This is so your parents can reserve the date of the vacation, and they can also prepare the things that they need for the vacation.

Family picture

Rather than heading to an expensive, elegant studio or having a professional take the photograph, simply ask a friend to take a photo of you and the entire family using your camera. Alternatively, you can even set the self-timer of your digicam, put it on a tripod, and take a picture of everyone. Then, print a large size of the image and put it inside a beautiful frame.

After you have gotten the perfect gift, all you have to think about next is your parent's wedding anniversary party.


Written by Patricia Strasser. Know more 25th anniversary gifts for parents by going to http://www.lifeonrecord.com/anniversary.htm

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