3 Special and Memorable Anniversary Surprises for Your Husband

Published: 16th March 2012
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Unique and unforgettable wedding anniversary surprises for your hubby may include the following: telling him you adore him using a hundred sticky notes, carving your love on a tree, and playing a clue of hearts with your hubby.

You can always commemorate your wedding anniversary with your husband in an elegant restaurant with premium wine and scrumptious food as a traditional celebration would be like. However, you may also make that day more interesting and exceptional by surprising your hubby. Go over this article to learn some exceptional and memorable ways to let your hubby know how much you love him on your anniversary.

Tell him you love him using 100 sticky notes

A typical day may not pass by without you telling your husband that you love him, but on your wedding anniversary, multiply those words a hundred times over through sticky notes. While your hubby is immersed with his wedding anniversary gifts for you, you can also get occupied by spreading those sticky notes telling about the emotions you have for your hubby in strategic locations. At the night prior to your wedding anniversary day, go to his office with the sticky notes. Then, stick them around his office space, like on his desktop monitor, on his table, and even behind the door of his workplace. Then, after he tumbles into deep sleep that night, keep on spreading those sticky notes all over the house where you think he would most likely see them. As soon as he finds them one after the other the next day, he would surely be touched of the thought that you went through all this the night before just to let him know how much you cherish him. Carve your love on a tree

You do not need to have a whole lot of skill or experience in carving to make one of your love for your husband on the bark of a tree. This is because you only require a simple heart mold and a few other things. To start with, get a pocket-sized or utility knife and bring it outside to the tree in your yard. Next, carefully carve a heart shape on the bark of the tree. The shape doesn't even have to be excellent, as long as it has the shape of a heart. Ensure that the heart is big enough, though, to place a few letters in. Then, carve both you and your hubby's initials in the heart. After you think it is done, get your digital camera and take a picture of it. It shouldn't take long for you to have the picture printed, too. Then, put this photo inside your greeting card for your hubby and as soon as he opens it, show him the tree that you endeavored carving at. This will definitely create one wedding anniversary memory that will last for life.

Play a clue of hearts with your husband

You can also make your wedding anniversary very memorable by making it intriguing, such as playing a game of clues that includes a lot of hearts. To start off, you will require a number of paper hearts or hearts made out of construction paper. Create as many as you need for the number of clues that you would want for your husband to solve before he gets to the big surprise. Then, while your hubby is still working, meticulously put the first heart clue on an area where you think he would most likely see. Just make sure that he really will see each clue. Make a clue in a heart that will direct him to the next heart, which will likewise direct him to the one after that, and so on. Spread the hints around the house, and the final clue should deliver him to you. You are the great surprise in this whole game and thus, you should hide yourself, such as in the closet. And you may also bring along with you a bottle of your favored wine with wine goblets, or a basket of scrumptious treats, so that you can immediately celebrate as soon as he finds you.

Being very creative in proclaiming one's love in a relationship or marriage is a fantastic way to celebrate any anniversary. This will also most likely help that relationship or marriage not only last forever, but keep the fire continuously burning as well.


Written by Patricia Strasser. If you want to learn more about wedding anniversary gifts, please go to http://www.lifeonrecord.com/anniversary.html

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