3 Basic Homemade Birthday Gifts for Your Mother

Published: 08th June 2012
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Homemade birthday gift ideas for your mother include a bday cake, a bead bracelet, along with a body-scrub gift basket.

Our mothers are very dear to us since they loved us and took care of our needs when we're still young, and it still remained the same even if we have grown up. On their birthday, they need nothing but the perfect from us, and giving them something which we created from our own hands is one of the ideal gifts to signify our love and also gratitude for them.

Bday cake

A birthday would not be complete without a cake; but, rather than getting one, make a special birthday cake by yourself. There are various sites on the internet which you can check out for guidelines, if you do not know how to do it. Identify your mom's favorite cake flavor and make it. Place icing on it, along with decorations. Get a pen icing machine, so you can write words on the cake. You can also get pre-made flower icings and other cake adornments that are available in stores. Simply go to your nearest baking supplies store and purchase the ones that you believe will be ideal for your mom's birthday cake. You may also beautify the cake with sweets, if you believe it is better than putting common cake decorations. Don't forget to put the perfect number of candles, and then surprise your mommy with the cake which you heartily designed for her.

Bead bracelet

Bead bracelets make lovely and also interesting add-ons. Create one which will make your mommy proud that she will it wear anywhere. With just a few items, this bracelet is very easy to make. Buy a few loops of memory cord and a number of beads in different designs and also colors. You'll also need round-nose pliers and a cable cutter. Cut 3 loops of the cable using a cable cutter. Then, twist one tip of the wire to produce a loop at the end. This will keep the beads in their places, and this will also keep the beads from dropping off. Next, slip the beads one at a time through the cable according to the set up or pattern you like until you have filled up the entire length of the cable. Be sure to leave ΒΌ of an inch at the end. Then, twist the end of the wire around, such as what you've done on the other end, to close it and keep the actual beads safely in place. After you've completed that, close one end together with the other, and ensure that the tips are closed effectively, so they will not snag your mother's clothing.

Body-scrub gift basket

Develop a gift basket for your mommy that is filled with body scrub objects. Get a few empty bottles from your local department store and a piece of paper with adhesive backing for the labels from the craft retailer. You also have to buy the ingredients for the body scrub. To make a ginger and cinnamon scrub, prepare half a teaspoon of cinnamon, one half a teaspoon of ginger, a cupful of sea salt, a cup of essential olive oil or almond oil. Combine all these substances inside a clear, empty bottle and shake well. After which, build a label on a personal computer, print it out, and attach it to the bottle. You may also add a short personal dedication on the label. You can then give this present along with other 60th birthday party ideas for mom.

Just keep in mind your mother's favorite things, so you would know what to give on her birthday.


Written by Patricia Strasser. Learn more 60th birthday party ideas for mom at http://www.lifeonrecord.com/Unique/Birthday/Gift-Idea/50th/Unique-50th-Birthday-Gift-Idea.htm

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